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Wedding Party Info

Flower Girl

Emma Kung will be our flower girl! Emma is my first cousin once removed. Her favorite place is her bedroom which she shares with Mommybaba. Watch out for Emma though, she can certainly hold her own, having to handle her two older brothers Cameron and Noah.

Ring Bearer

Max Castro will be our ring bearer! Max is my second cousin once removed. Max is an amateur photographer and his hobbies are rocket balloning and fly fishing. Max is a seasoned ring-bearer and will bring a level of professionalism to our wedding. Thanx, Max!

Ging's Bridesmaids

Wakana Tsuru will be my matron of honor. She is my high school buddy and she is great at baking, sewing, decorating and making people beautiful. But she can go rugged too! I think she's been doing some rock climbing lately! And she goes to the shooting range with her new hubby! I've asked Wakana to be our beauty consultant and she's agreed. Thanx Wakana! Wakana lives in Seattle.

Kristin Fernandez is Billy's sister. Kristin graduated from Med School in May! She is in Phoenix now serving out her 4 year residence sentence at Good Samaritan Hospital:) Kristin has studied hula for many years and she may be dancing hula at the wedding with some of her friends! Thank you Kristin!

Sharon is an undergrad buddy of mine. She is currently at Wisconsin-Madison getting a PhD in biomolecular chemistry! YOU GO GIRL! She is recently engaged and turning into a real hick-town girl. Sharon knows how to pahhhh-ty with anyone. And she likes little japanese stuffed animal things.

Marge Cortes is my ex-roomate and classmate from MIT. She's a hoot of fun rolled into one, so I've recruited her to help me plan our bachelor/ette party in Tahoe. Marge has just recently moved to San Fransisco working as a professional transportation consultant!

Georgia Cua is my friend from undergrad. She just got married in the Philippines and I got to be her bridesmaid! It was beautiful. Congrats, Georgia! Georgia is working towards her PhD at Caltech. She is also a mommy of an adorable boy named Peete. Georgia is good at anything she touches, but extra-curricularly, she is very artistic and is great at history!

Billy's Groomsmen

Kaipo Whittington will be my best man. He is my best friend from high school and he used to live in Waimanalo also. Now he lives in San Diego, CA and is in an electrician's apprenticeship program. He is a water rat, just like every other kid from Waimanalo, so he can give you pointers when we hit the beach.

Ahn Ahn Liu is Ging's brother. He lives in Seattle and has started his own biznez developing websites for college sports, since graduating from Princeton. Check out his handiwork at www.collegetennisonline.com. He is an awesome pianist and tennis player.

Josh Jones is my old college roommate. He is my basketball and Halo buddy in Boston. He works from home for a company he started when at Harvey Mudd. Josh impressed me with his disregard for pain when we last visited Hawaii, taking on some pretty funky surf spots. More of the same is in store for September.

Mark McCluskey is my officemate from my Tufts days. He works for the same company as I do, but in our Denver branch. He is recently married to Alyssa and lives just north of Denver. He is a kick ass skier and outdoorsy guy.

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