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We have found some good links which may help you get around the island while you are here! We've also listed some of Ging and Billy's favorite Oahu destinations! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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About the Island of Oahu in Hawaii

Oahu is the main island of Hawaii....

Hawaii Time

Hawaii is three (3) hours behind PST during the summer. Hawaii time is also known to be an additional 15 minutes later than what the clock says (kind of like Ging Ging time). So make that 3 hours and 15 minutes behind PST.

Things to do in Hawaii!

Ging and Billy's Dives

When Billy was courting Ging Ging, he would take her to the following places! (musta worked!)

  • Malasadas (fried dough) at Leonard's Bakery
  • Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay
  • Get "plate lunches" at L&L's (try Chicken Katsu, Chicken Katsu Curry, BBQ Chicken, Terriyaki Beef, or Hamburger Steak)
  • World famous Chef Sam Choy for a fancy Hawaiian restuarnat (map)
  • The waterfall in Manoa Valley
  • Boogie boarding at any Waimanalo beach
  • Taking a drive up to North Shore
  • Shopping at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu
  • Lunch at ...
  • Fishing at ...
  • Getting snack foods at ...
  • Feasting on tropical fruits like mangos, guavas, and papayas! Where to get them??
  • Getting "Reef" or "Rubber Zori" slippers at T&C or HIC to look local.

Aloha Wear

For our mainland visitors, suggested dress for the wedding is formal aloha wear.

Hawaii is a laid-back type of place and many of the popular Hawaiian fashions reflect this casual feeling. An aloha shirt or dress are appropriate for most formal functions.

We want people to be comfortable at the wedding, so we suggest that people wear aloha attire. September brings some of the hottest temperatures of the year to Hawaii, sometimes hitting the mid 90's. Of course, you can also wear a regular dress shirt or dress if you would like to. Ging thought I should include some tips on picking the right aloha shirt for those who are considering it.

There are as many designs of aloha shirts as there are colors in a rainbow. The problem is, which should you pick? Although, an aloha shirt is considered an oddity in many places, there are some designers/stores that are very serious about making beautiful, more formal designs. Some of these stores are Sig Zane, Hilo Hattie, and Reyn Spooner. As long as you stay away from shirts with TOO MANY COLORS or TOO BUSY a design, you should be fine. And no Magnum PI's! :)

Mo Bettah!

Hawaiian Luau

Saturday night, you will experience a REAL luau! A luau is a big Hawaiian get-together for celebrating important occassions. Like many events in Hawaii,a luau is centered around eating good food! A lot of hard work goes into preparing the food. Billy's uncle, Uncle Kaeo will be the chef! Guests resposibility include eating, dancing, singing, and a little bit of drinking. Read more about the history of luaus!

The menu at the luau will be include such things as Kalua pig, luau stew, poke, poi and many other goodies.
Hula dancing is traditionally performed at luaus.

    Food definitions
    Pupu: Appetizer

    Kalua Pig: This dish is cooked in an imu (an underground oven). A whole pig is covered with banana leaves and ti leaves while it is roasted.

    Lomi Lomi Salmon: Finely chopped salmon and tomatoes marinated in sea salt.

    Island Style Macaroni Salad: Ging's favorite mac salad. Somehow different than on the mainland.

    Poke: Delicious raw fish meal seasoned with shoyu (soy sauce), cabbage and onion slices.

    Poi: Pounded taro, local to Hawaii. Traditionally enjoyed with fresh fish, seaweed, breadfruit and sweet potato. Fingers were the utensil of choice. One, two, or three fingers to scoop out the pudding! Many Hawaiians love their poi fermented a bit, giving it a unique, slightly sour taste. "The bowl of poi was considered so important and sacred a part of daily Hawaiian life that whenever a bowl of poi was uncovered at the family dinner table, it was believed that the spirit of Haloa, the ancestor of the Hawaiian people, was present. Because of that, all conflict among family members had to came to an immediate halt." (thepoicompany.com)

Why locals have an accent

The local accent and way of talking is often referred to as "pidgeon english". It may take a little bit of time to get used to it, but there is a history behind it! Its sort of a direct translation of Hawaiian grammar into English with some words unique to Hawaii thrown in .... Maybe you can pick some of it up!

And here's a really great (and funny) site to help you prepare for the accent! Full On Pidgin

Some words you might encounter in Hawaii:
Kama'ainas (child of the land) - those born in Hawaii
Malihini - newcomer or visitor

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