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After high school, Ging Ging almost went to Brown University and Billy was considering USC. But they somehow both ended up at a nerdy little science and engineering college in Claremont, CA called Harvey Mudd. It was a small college and everyone came to know everyone else. They became friends sometime in their sophomore year, the details of how they met are lost in the past.

And friendship was all it was. Watching from the sidelines, Billy thought Ging was the bossy type of girlfriend and Ging heard that Billy was a slightly, uhhh.. unattentive boyfriend, both thought the other was DEFINITELY someone to avoid romantically. But they were great friends. Billy was a great listener and Ging really liked confiding in him. Both being night owls and experts in the area of procrastination, they often ended up cramming for assignments together till the sun came up, while all the responsible students were sleeping. Sometimes they chatted using the "new" internet technology, writing each other messages from different dorms to keep the other person awake and other times it was surprising the other person with an in-person visit to help with (or get help with) a tough problem.

Then one spring break, while Ging was away at Hilton Head for tennis, she found herself thinking a lot about Billy. And all the way back in Claremont, Billy found himself kind of missing Ging. And one thing led to another and they became what they call "an item." That summer, Billy was working for Josh's uncle in Riverside and Ging had an internship at DIRECTV. What a whirlwind few months in Southern California it was! Movies at the Chinese Mann in Hollywood, outdoor concerts at Irvine Meadows, the San Diego Zoo, off-roading at Lake Arrowhead, walking up and down the Santa Monica promenade. The poor car they drove racked up its share of miles.

After the courting was over and the relationship began, they realized that they were both born in 1976 and thus in the Chinese Zodiac, fire dragons (the most aggressive, demanding, and competetive of dragons; impossible to please and "generally inconsiderate at times"), AND having birthdays in late April and early May, according to the Western Zodiac, they were both tauruses (extremely stubborn, don't like to change their habits, and with quick tempers). The kinks were continually worked out after many butting of horns. But luckily (a trait of dragons), the passionate, loyal, and forgiving traits of the two fire dragon - tauruses overcame.

Senior year came and went and Billy decided to pursue his graduate degree at Tufts University in Boston and Ging Ging accepted a job at DIRECTV in Los Angeles. They found that they got along fabulously over the phone and e-mail, though it took a toll on their pocketbooks. When Ging Ging decided to go to MIT for her Masters degree, Billy decided to stay in the area and work at Camp-Dresser McKee, four blocks away from MIT. As Ging Ging tried to prove herself worthy of her school, Billy tried to adjust to a 9 to 5 schedule. They explored the Fall leaves in New Hampshire, Korean food in New York, and both mountain and road biking in Boston together.

One weekend, their friends were in town and they decided to go see the gorgeous Falling-of-the-leaves together in New Hampshire again. On the night of October 12th, after Ging Ging had already fallen asleep, Billy woke her up with a strange request, "Let's go for a walk!" "Huh?" was Ging Ging's response, "No, I don't want to. I'm sleepy." Somehow, Billy got Ging Ging to go on that walk. Next to a lake, Billy got down on one knee, Ging said yes.

Ging graduated from MIT in November and went to Beijing for 4 months, during which they both realized how dependent they had gotten on each other, but enjoyed their last taste of being "single". Ging has now taken a job even closer to Billy, just TWO blocks away, and their latest project is getting ready for Hawaii!

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